Cocktail Magique

An Evening of Intoxicating Illusions

Company XIV is thrilled to announce a rarefied spectacle of supernatural, luminescent libations and revelry such as the world has never seen. Behold a phantasmagoria of miracles of tantalizing charm and splendor unfolding in your midst at COCKTAIL MAGIQUE, a choreographed mixological adventure of unprecedented majesty.

Luxurious New Venue
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Cocktail Magique Theatre


The legendary and mysterious forces we harness brought vivaciousness extraordinaire to the most lavish carnivals and speakeasies of America’s storied past. Lo and behold, these secret archives of vaudevillian arcana effloresce anew in regal brilliance at our luxurious new sanctum in the beating heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. From telepathy and abracadabra most marvelous to cocktail conjuration and alcoholic alchemy up close and personal, all spritzed with the gallant wit and joie de vivre of the Belle Epoque.

Befitting the grand intimacy of our otherworldly spectacle, we’ve brought to life a royal court of sumptuous opulence — a masterpiece of imagination deftly devised by nightlife impresario Austin McCormick in costumes and décor fashioned by the inimitable Zane Pihlström — that rewards every glance with a breathtaking profusion of exquisite detail.