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It’s that fabulous time of year when we celebrate amour in every brilliant shade. Extravagantly decadent treats await our beloved party guests all month at Cocktail Magique and Queen of Hearts. Rejoice with Pride, intoxicating delights, and Company XIV.*

Complimentary Upgrades

Indulge in effervescent revelry—gratuit! Throughout the month of June Champagne Upgrades at Queen of Hearts and Cleopatra’s Pearl Upgrades at Cocktail Magique are free. Feeling especially spectacular? Book a couch for two and delight in the instant gift of $100 savings.*

*Offers expire June 30, 2024 at 11:59pm ET. Terms apply.

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Cocktail Magique

Behold a phantasmagoria of miracles at Company XIV’s variety show of intoxicating illusions. Cocktail Magique is a marvelous party that takes place in a luxurious boutique venue. Venture to Graffiti Alley in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn to enter our secret world of cocktail conjuration. Over the course of the show a dapper magician serves every guest an invocation of tipples and treats assisted by some of NYC’s most famed burlesque stars. The extravaganza features mind-blowing magic tricks, mesmerizing chanteuses, victorian circus acts and lavish design—all spritzed with the gallant wit and joie de vivre of the Belle Epoque. Now accepting reservations through August, 2024.


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Queen of Hearts

Fall down a rabbit hole of sensual wonders and surreal delights at Queen of Hearts, Company XIV’s sumptuous ode to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Peer into a decadent dreamworld laced with a mesmerizing blend of stunning circus, shining chanteuses, brilliant burlesque, classical dance, and lavish design. Queen of Hearts is “AN ASSAULT ON THE SENSES IN THE MOST DELICIOUS, SEXY WAY,” raves Forbes, and “FEELS LIKE MOULIN ROUGE! FOR ACTUAL BOHEMIANS,” declares Time Out. Follow blossoming Alice through a “CAPTIVATING WORLD OF EROTIC IMAGINATION” (BroadwayWorld) on a journey so enrapturing she nearly loses her head. Now playing at Théâtre XIV.




Founded in 2006 by classically-trained, nightlife impresario Austin McCormick, Company XIV produces the most spectacular burlesque performances in NYC. High- and low-brow entertainment intermix with lavish design to deliver sensual, decadent extravaganzas inspired by the court of Louis XIV. With the opening of Cocktail Magique and year-round, mainstage productions around the corner at Théâtre XIV, there has never been more glitter on offer in Brooklyn.

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